Keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes at your desk.

Want to walk home for a couple of hours in your heels? Didn’t think so.

Carry some emergency cash.

Even if it’s $40, ATMs might not work, and you’ll be able to buy the things you need.

Have a Go Bag.

  • Pack the things you would want if you had to leave in a hurry.
  • Use a backpack or something sturdy.
  • Visit the Have a Go Bag page.

Know who to contact.

  • Have the information easily accessible on your phone or in your wallet.
  • You can program “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) contacts into your cell phone so emergency personnel can contact those people for you if you are unable to use your phone.

Where can you stay?

If you live in New Jersey, Westchester or Long Island, do you have a place you can stay in NYC if you can’t get home? Who do you know in each borough?

Where can you meet family members both inside and outside of your neighborhood?

Where would you meet near your home? Or near work?

Prepare to react from different places: your office, your favorite spot in the city, your friend’s home.

A terrorist attack could take place when you’re at the gym or visiting someone in another borough.

Remember your neighbors and others in need.

Be a good neighbor; can you help them out in an emergency? What’s their emergency plan?

Keep your pets in mind.

  • Pets need Go Bags, too.
  • Use a collapsible carrier.

Visit the Have a Go Bag page.

Know what could happen.

Visit our “Types of Terrorist Attacks” page for an introduction of the types of situations we might experience in New York and to learn more. These tips will help in many of them.

Request a Presentation

Visit Ready New York to request an emergency preparedness presentation for your community.